by J.C. (age 14)
I am a huge heavy metal fan;
I have ADD;
I wonder at what age I will die;
I hear someone screaming
in agonizing pain;
I see oceans of fire;
I want to be left alone;
I am a huge heavy metal fan;
I have A.D.D.

I pretend to play the guitar;
I feel left out;
I touch the fire that burns
between relationships;
I worry if I'll ever be
anything at all;
I cry when I think about
my brother who passed away;
I am a huge heavy metal fan;
I have ADD

I understand why you should not
drink and drive;
I say be drug free;
I dream about making changes
in my life;
I try my hardest in life;
I hope I get
good grades in school;
I am a huge heavy metal fan;
I have A.D.D.


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FREE literature, catalogs and video to help parents dealing with a troubled, out of control  teen What type of help does my teen need? Take this test and find out if your child would benefit from behavior modification and residential treatment. Check out signs of teenage drug abuse, including marijuana and other illegal drugs, huffing, Ritalin, and other over-the-counter drugs. Read about the difference between conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder, and how they can be confused with ADHD or bipolar disorder Strategies for families with a defiant teen - restructure your home rules and tighten discipline

Detailed info on how to write a home rules contract for your family, including a printable blank contract Residential treatment programs, behavior modification programs, and boot camp alternatives for struggling, defiant and out of control teens. Books and Resources for parents about ADD, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and Christian parenting My son began his drug use at age 9-1/2 and was diagnosed with ADD, bipolar disorder, conduct disorder and severe substance abuse; learn what we did to save his life. Just when he was getting his life together, Chris was killed in a DUI accident

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There is help for you!
This web site offers you some solutions and guidelines on how to deal with an adolescent who is having severe problems, including those diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder and bipolar disorder.

If your child is taking prescription drugs, please make sure to visit our new page, Help! I'm Addicted to Adderall

We discuss various parenting strategies to help discover your teen's real problems, suggest ideas on creating a better family structure, and provide information regarding Residential Treatment using the Behavior Modification Approach for your child. We have even provided instructions and a blank form for you to print so that you may write a Home Rules Contract for your family.

Check out our listing of recommended books on the Parent Resources page for more information on dealing with your troubled teen. In particular, parents considering putting their child on medication should make sure to check out the excellent new book by Dr. Lawrence Diller, Should I Medicate My Child?

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Does My Teen Need Help?
An interactive questionnaire to help you determine how serious your child's problems really are and to help you determine if your child might benefit from more intensive therapy, such as residential treatment.

Conduct Disorder versus Oppositional Defiant Disorder New!
What exactly is the difference between conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), how are they distinguished from attention deficit disorder (ADD) or bipolar disorder, and how does my therapist make this diagnosis?

How Can I Tell If My Teen Is Using Drugs?
Parent to Parent, written by a mom of eight kids who has been through it all - Find out about the many household items that may be present in your own home which your teen could be using to get high. Read about some of the signs and symptoms to look for in determining whether or not your child is abusing marijuana or other illegal drugs, over-the-counter drugs, Ritalin or Adderall, or using inhalants (huffing).
  • What Can Parents Do Who Suspect Drug Abuse?
    There is nothing more frustrating to parents than to know that something serious is going on with their teen, but to have absolutely no idea what is at the root of the problem or how to get help. We discuss some parenting strategies for getting to the bottom of your teen's issues, as well as provide information about counseling and adolescent treatment programs. We also address the special issues involved regarding a troubled teen who is 18 years old or over.

  • Help! I'm Addicted to Adderall New!
    A real email from a 16-year-old boy who developed an addiction to his prescription Adderall, and our answer to his plea for help.

  • Adolescent Chemical Dependency Progression
    What happens to teens when their drug use becomes progressively more frequent and addictive? This list of behaviors, which are typically seen in a teen who is becoming addicted to drugs, can help parents discover if their teen has a true addiction to one or more substances.

  • Is Marijuana a Harmless Drug?
    When a teen is suspected of substance abuse, many parents will say, "It's not a problem. My teen doesn't do hard drugs; all he does is smoke pot." Read some surprising facts about teen marijuana use which may cause you to reconsider this statement!

  • Autobiography of a Recovering Addict
    When a teen decides to become free of drugs on his own or with the help of parents and counselors, this is only the first small step. Teens face a very tough challenge when attempting to stay clean and breaking away from friends who are still abusing drugs. Read this allegory about the painful road to addiction recovery, the pitfalls, and the difficulties encountered in staying on the right road.
Residential Treatment and Boot Camp Alternatives
Information regarding the outstanding World Wide Association of Programs for teens, which operate with the primary goals of teaching your teen to act responsibly as well as creating a "whole and healthy family."

Behavior Modification Facilities
Pictures and descriptions of eight outstanding residential treatment and behavior modification facilities for teens.

Tightening up Family Rules
My teen's problems are not that severe and I don't think residential treatment is needed. What else can I do?
  • How to Write a Home Rules Contract for your Family New!
    Many times, teens with moderate acting out behaviors will respond to limit-setting and structure. We provide detailed instructions on setting up and implementing your own home rules contract, including a blank form for you to print.

My Teen Was Completely Out of Control!
My son was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), bipolar disorder, conduct disorder and addiction to multiple substances. Three different therapists said my son would be dead within a year due to his out-of-control behavior. I had to find him help fast! Read about the answer we found for my son.

Not Every Story Has a Happy Ending
A memorial to my 23-year-old son, who was a troubled teen that grew into a troubled adult. Just when he was making efforts to change his life, he was killed in a car accident after a wedding.

FREE Brochures and Information to Help Your Teen
Click here and fill out the form to receive free catalogs, brochures and a videotape regarding the WWASP residential treatment programs for teens.

Books and Resources for Parents New!
A listing of recommended books which will provide more information to parents on the various behavior disorders, such as ADD and conduct disorder, as well as books written for teens and books for Christian parents.

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